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Propair Features

We stacked an entire Warranty & Product QA  in one easy-to-use app all to make you more money and to increase your customers & team satisfaction!

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Easy Shopify Integration

Integrates with your Shopify store with one click. Using another platform? We will integrate using our API.

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Full control Warranty Packages

Offer warranty extension only on products or collections you are confident in. Create different warranty package for any product or category with a full contrall on the price  

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Smart Analyzing

Gone are the days when you continue selling items that have high damage rate. Propair gives you a clear dashboard to see what warranty packages sell well and also which products have high rate of warranty claims, so you can take actions such as improving quality or cut high risk products out improving your bottom line.

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White label 

Increase your customer's retention and brand position by offering warranty packages under your brand. 

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