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We help you make money.  

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Our Story

We started Propair after four years of operating a successful online furniture brand (we still do). When scaling the brand and the product range, our top bottleneck was a month-after-month- warranty claims. When these claims come in, you need to analyse, find cost effective solutions to solve them while having a pressure from the customer who currently is with a damaged sofa or no bed to sleep on. As we grew we saw also the number of claims and cost of claims go up and we had to put to it a stop. 

First, we started using a 3rd party extended warranty app, that took 70% of the warranty revenue and denied 70% of customers claims which resulted with frustrated customers coming back to us (the brand) requesting ansowers and their items fixed. 

We realized that furniture brands needs to have a different approach. Each claim costs hundreds of dollars and take a long time to solve and the available solutions in the market just couldn't do it.

So we started our own in-house developed app, that is made specifcly to our flow allowing us to have a stream of income and ticketing system just for warranty. Within 3 months of using, improving and fine-tuning the app, Warranty claims is not a top issue, we increased our AOV by 13%, increased our customer satisfaction rate, and all that while making money. 

It was so good that it is a crime to keep it away from you. So here it is. Propair.  

Our Purpose

Help Furniture brand to focus more on furniture and the brand and less on operations/logistics so you can continue what you do best. 

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