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Selling Furniture online?

Turn your warranty claims
into profit

The only Warranty app that is made by Furniture founders for Furniture founders

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How it Works

Proper connects to your store and allows you to offer and manage extended item warranties.  The app collects and manages warranty data, gives you reports on your best-performing items, and helps you improve product quality, all that while increasing your AOV and providing your customers with the best experience.

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Installl the app

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Create Warranty options


Start Selling

Claims come in
Option 1.
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Self Manage Claims as they come in

Option 2.
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Propair will manage your claims

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Understand Product Qualtiy and Claim Data

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Solve Warranty Claims in no time.

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Turn an expenss to profit.

"Furniture warranty claims are one of the biggest bottlenecks in furniture buseniess operations. The process to close a ticket can take up to 10 days at times, and costs are high. The importance of understanding what products causing us to loose while the ability to cover warranty costs is a life changer.

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Why Propair

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Made by furniture founders for furniture founders

We made Propair after selling over $250 million of furniture online to date. Warranty claims and damaged items were a huge bottleneck for us (selling furniture is not easy lol). after three years of trial and error, tweaks in plans and testing many different approaches to satisfy customers while keeping costs low, we managed to build the perfect process that provides an exceptional customer satisfaction while turning warranty claims around from a business expense to a business income

Warranty that doesn't fall back on you.

If you have used an outside warranty provider, they deny 90% of the claims, creating a bad customer experience and ending with complaints. That’s why we decided to handle the warranty claims ourselves. The app is here to give you the tools to control your customer experience while making money.

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Increase your AOV by up to 13% with a click of a button

Super easy to install, and you can start making money by upselling the warranty the same day. Create packages of two, three & five years warranties and increase your average order value by an average of 13%


From self managed to full service

Choose between self managed warranty package to a full service package where we will create the warranty packages on your website, resolve all customer's warranty claims, and provide monthly reports on product quality performance.

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